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What is Ad Server?

Ad Server is a banner rotator that shows only banners with high CR (Conversion Rate) and removes unprofitable banners from rotation.


Why do I need it?

Ad Server helps to maximize your profits from banner advertising. First, you do not need to clutter your website with dozens of banners anymore, just place an Ad Server with all these banners. Second, Ad Server shows only banners with high CR, so you do not have to worry about the efficiency of selected banners. Third, you will not waste your time adding or removing banners manually every time you join or leave a program.


How to configure an Ad Server?

1. Go to ToolsAd Server.


2. And select New Ad Server.


3. Fill all fields.


  • Ad space — select an ad space where you want to place an Ad Server.
  • Ad Server name — enter Ad Server name.
  • Traffic source — specify your traffic source: banners or PopUp/Under. For banners a banner code will be generated; if you are going to use PopUp/Under, you will get a link.
  • Banner size (only for banner traffic) — select the size of Ad Server banners. Note that if a program does not provide banners of the specified size, it will not be included in Programs field.
  • Automatically add new campaignif you enable this option, banners of new programs matching the Ad Server settings will be added to rotation automatically.
  • Enable retargeting use target banners to increase conversion rate.
  • Enable retargeting slider (only if retargeting is enabled) — a profitable layer 240x400 will be used.
  • Monetize mobile traffic (only if retargeting is enabled) — with this option your mobile traffic will be monetized through the PopUnder format with an ECPM of up to 150 rubles per 1000 impressions.
  • Type of banners (only for banner traffic) — select what banners you want to see on your ad space: static or flash.
  • Categories — select categories of programs you want to add to Ad Server. If you have joined programs of these categories, they will appear in Programs field.
  • Programs — after you fill Banner size and Categories fields (for PopUp/Under it is just Categories field) you will see the list of matching programs. Mark all programs you want to add to Ad Server. Their banners will be put into rotation and then Ad Server will eventually determine the most advantageous ones.


If Programs field is empty, it means that programs of the selected categories do not have banners matching the specified size and type. Try to change these parameters.

4. Save your Ad Server and you will get the generated code/link. Place it on your site.

5. To edit or delete an Ad Server or to get the code again, go to the list of your Ad Servers.