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How to validate an ad space?

After adding an ad space the system will suggest that you validate your ownership of this ad space. Admitad introduced validation so that no one could use an ad space or impersonate as an owner of a popular site, YouTube channel or a group in a social network. Besides if advertisers see that your ad space is validated, your requests for joining their programs are more likely to be accepted.

The validation is required only for

  • websites,
  • social networks,
  • YouTube channels,
  • doorways.

Admitad system will redirect you automatically to a validation page after you add an add space.

It is not necessary to pass validation immediately but note that then the status of your ad space will be Inactive so you will not be able to use it all of its functions, e.g. to join campaigns.

You can always go back to the confirmation procedure by clicking the Inactive status of the relevant ad space in SettingsAd Spaces.

The way of validation depends on the type of an ad space.



Social networks and YouTube channels

For groups in social networks and YouTube channels the system will suggest that you pass the check.


And then will request access to your account.

If you have more than one account, please pay attention under which account you are signed in while validating. If you validate a group or an application, it must be the same account as the account of a group or an application. If you validate a profile, the account under which you are currently signed in will be added.



Websites and doorways

For websites and doorways there are 2 ways to pass validation.


The first way is to place a generated code between tags <head> and </head> in the main page of your website.

If you cannot insert the code here you can place it between tags <body> and </body>.


The second way is to load a generated file to the website's root folder.


If you did everything correct and your ad space was not registered before, it will get Active status and all the system’s features will be enabled.

If something went wrong, please contact our technical support.