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How does the "Lost orders" tool work?

What is it?

It is our new tool that lets publishers create requests for lost or erroneously rejected orders. These requests are processed by advertisers, and, if the order has been actually made, it will be counted to the publisher.

The section is available for all publishers and is relevant for owners of cashback services, as searching for a lost order requires its number in the advertiser's system.


How to add a lost or an erroneously rejected order?

There are two ways.

  1. Use the form to submit the request in your account.
  2. Add a request with Admitad API.


What information is required to create a request?

  • Order ID in the advertiser's network: using this number, the advertiser can identify the order in his system.
  • Affiliate program: the order of which advertiser was placed?
  • Request ID: specify ID in case you keep your own statistics on customers' requests. Then after the request is processed you can find the client via this ID and inform them about the results.
  • Ad space*: from which of your ad spaces the user went to the advertiser's site and made the order?
  • Order date*: the date of placing the order by the user.
  • Order amount* is specified in the currency in which the affiliate program is operating.
  • Comment: your comment explaining the details.
  • A screenshot, a scan or a photo of the receipt in jpg, jpeg, png, or gif format as the proof of placing the order.

* — is not required for placing a request for an erroneously rejected order, as all this information has already been fixed in the order.


What advertisers participate in the lost order search?

  • If you are trying to create a request, but you cannot find the required affiliate program in the list of programs, it means that this program is not involved in the lost order search.


  • A full list of advertisers participating in the lost order search can be obtained with the Tools filter in All programs:


             Or you can do it on a program page.



I have submitted a request. What should I do next?

All submitted requests are stored in a table, where you can regularly check their status.


  • If your request is approved, you can see the reports on actions by clicking on its status. The data will be filtered so that you can see a payment assigned to you for the lost order.
  • If the order exists and was recordered in our system but counted to another publisher, you will know about this immediately after you have placed the request - its status will be Declined.

You can find out the reason by clicking on the status or on the Read more button:


  • If the order was not recorded in the system, you will have to wait until the advertiser processes your request. If your request is declined, you can find out the reason by clicking on the status.
  • If you have settled problems with a lost order with your client you can mark the request as solved ( button) and remove it from the list.



             To see solved requests you should select "All" or "Solved" in "Stage" filter.



             Solved requests can be moved back to the hold if necessary ( button).



            Changes in the stage do not affect the status of the request. It has been made only for your convenience.