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How to join an affiliate program?

The next step after signing up and adding an ad space is to join affiliate programs. To start making money you need to join at least one affiliate program.

Today Admitad has more than 1000 affiliate programs: online shops, mobile offers, financial offers etc. You can choose one in All programs using filters.

For example, if you check Corresponding to the ad space field, you will see all campaigns that suit the parameters of your ad space (you can see them in Settings Ad space).


Before you join a program, make sure that your ad space meets its requirements: click See more and go to the program page.


At the top of the page you can see the general information (1): eCPC, CR, Cookie lifetime, Average hold time etc. Below this block there is a Program review (2) with a detailed description of the program. In the Menu (3) on the left side of the page you can read the terms of cooperation: rules, allowed traffic sources, ad creatives, rates, tools.


If your ad space meets the requirements, click File an application or Join (if moderation is not required). Then you should confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions.


Note that some of the programs require a confirmation for cooperation from an advertiser, so it can take some time, as the advertiser moderates each publisher manually. In this case after filing an application you will see a notification “Your application was successfully filled”.


Until the advertiser confirms or declines your application it will have Pending status.


A message with the advertiser’s decision will be sent to the e-mail specified in your settings.

If the advertiser confirms your application, you will see the following message:


In My programs the program status will change to Joined.


If the advertiser declines your application, you will also receive a message specifying the reason of rejection. Read more about the it in Why an advertiser has rejected my ad space?

In My programs the program status will change to Request is rejected.


If you do not want to wait, choose a program that does not require moderation. Then right after clicking Join button you will see the program in My programs with Joined status.

You can find these programs in All programs by selecting Autoaccept in the filters.