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How to add a new ad space?

The next step after signing up with Admitad is to add an ad space. An ad space is a traffic source you are going to use to send visitors to an advertiser's site. It can be your own website, contextual ads, YouTube channel etc.

1. To add an ad space, click at the upper right corner of the page.


2. Or go to SettingsAd Spaces.


3. And then click Create Ad Space on the top right.


4. Choose Your ad space type. If you do not know what type to choose, use a tip.

Every time you start working with a new traffic source please create a new ad space for it, do not use the affiliate link of an existing ad space. This way the reports on traffic sources will be easier to understand.


5. Fill all fields and add an ad space.


Sales regions — a region/regions where you are going to advertise products or services of an advertiser.

Category — a category of products or services you want to work with.

Sales regions and Category parameters are used to customize All Programs search results for your ad space so that you spend less time looking for a suitable offer.

How will you promote the affiliate program? — here you should describe briefly your ad space (its theme/audience/visitors per day/traffic sources/number of subscribers) or your plans for promoting affiliate programs. This information will be available for advertisers so try to make the description precise and attractive.


6. After adding an ad space the system will suggest that you validate your ownership of this ad space so that no one else could use it.

The validation is required only for

  • websites,
  • social networks,
  • YouTube channels,
  • doorways.

It is not necessary to validate an ad space right after adding, you can do it later, but note that then the status of your ad space will be Inactive so you will not be able to use all of its functions.

Read more about validation in How to validate an ad space?